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Who's who?

Senior Leadership Team



Mr Odedra

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs Watts

Senior Assistant Headteacher / SENCO:

Miss Jackson

To contact our SENCO, please email for the attention of Miss Jackson (SENCO) or call the school on 0116 266 1114.

Business Manager:

Mrs Flint

Extended Leadership Team


EYFS & Key Stage 1 Assistant Headteacher:

Mr Jariwala

Key Stage 2 Assistant Headteacher:

Miss Wright

Inclusion Manager:

Mrs Sheerin


Nursery Teacher:

Mrs Chandarana / Mrs Allen

Nursery Support Staff:

Ms Harvey

Reception Teachers:

Miss Richards
Mrs Rossiter

Reception Support Staff:

Miss Pankhania
Mrs Thakkar

Key Stage 1 Team

Year 1 Teachers:

Miss Newell
Miss Sarai

Year 1/2 Teacher:

Mr Jariwala

Year 2 Teachers:

Miss Pattni
Miss Sandhu

Year 1 and 2 Support Staff:

Miss Woodward
Miss Raval
Miss Ali

Lower Key Stage 2 Team


Year 3 Teachers:

Mrs Moody / Miss Wright
Mrs Kirby
Miss Crook

Year 4 Teachers:

Mr Lloyd
Mrs Townsend / Mrs Jenkins
Miss Brown

Year 3 and 4 Support Staff:

Mrs Shepherd
Mrs Chauhan
Mrs Dhiman
Mrs Davis

Upper Key Stage 2 Team


Year 5 Teachers:

Mr Fojdar
Mrs Ward / Miss Wright
Miss Whitehouse

Year 6 Teachers:

Mrs Gill
Mr Rogers
Miss Sanchaniya

Year 5 and 6 Support Staff:

Mrs Karia
Mr Allen
Mrs Gorton



Miss Jackson

Assistant SENCO:

Miss Smith

DSP Teachers:

Miss Smith
Mrs Hall

SEND Support Staff:

Mrs Smith
Mr Moule
Mrs Bifield
Mrs Trivedi
Miss Pebody
Mrs Singh

Inclusion Team


Inclusion Manager:

Mrs Sheerin

Breakfast club:

Mrs Sheerin
Mrs Lakhani

Rainbows staff:

Mrs Sheerin
Mrs Shepherd 

Admin Team

Mrs Thakrar
Mrs Mehta
Mrs Lakhani
Miss Sembi

Site / Premises Team


Site Manager:

Mr Dovey

Premises Officer:

Mr Sisodia

Cleaning Staff:

Miss Fletcher
Mrs Mistry
Mrs Parmar
Mrs Patel
Miss Taylor

Lunchtime Team


Midday Manager/ Activities Coordinator:

Mrs Lillyman

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Patel
Mrs Rahul
Mrs Patel
Mrs Chotai
Mrs Sharma
Mrs Parmar
Miss Street
Mrs Sudra
Mrs Panjwani
Mrs Razzak
Mrs Razaq
Mrs Al-haddad