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"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." Frederick Douglass

ALS Phonics

At Rushey Mead Primary School we follow ALS Phonics programme. ALS Phonics: Letters and Sounds aims to provide a solid and continuous approach to the teaching of a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme in Nursery, Reception and KS1. Based on the principles of Letters and Sounds, it offers training, guidance and resources to support schools in the delivery of a successful and complete SSP programme. Tried and tested teaching sequences and mantras are used daily to ensure children have a clear structure to their learning, developing their ability and confidence to decode successfully, building towards becoming independent readers. As noted by the DfE, a strength of the ALS Phonics programme is the guidance provided for supporting the lowest 20% of pupils and the training provision.

Phonics Screening Check  

The Phonics Screening Check is a test for children in Year 1. Children take it during June in a one-to-one setting with a teacher. This is usually their class teacher. The phonics screening check is designed to confirm whether pupils have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify pupils who need extra help to improve their decoding skills.

During the Phonics Screening Check, children are asked to read (decode) 40 words.  This will consist of 20 real words and 20 pseudo-words (nonsense/alien words) that pupils read aloud to the check administrator (a teacher who is familiar to the pupils).

There is no time limit for the Phonics Screening Check, but it usually takes less than 10 minutes. If a child doesn’t meet the expected standard, their school will work with them to ensure they receive the phonics teaching and support they need. The child will then retake the Phonics Screening Check the following year.

The below resources can be used to help your child to practise and give you a better understanding of the Phonics Screening Check:

Supporting your child

For a helpful video modelling phoneme articulation, follow this link:

Subject Leadership Team

Our Phonics subject leader is

Mr R Jariwala

Additional Documents