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Pollination Generation!

The children in year 4 are just starting a project with Learning Through Landscapes and the National Lottery Heritage Fund called Pollination Generation. The children involved in this project will benefit from several things. COVID-19 has seriously impacted wellbeing and mental health especially with respect to children and young people. Through spending more time outside and getting involved in nature, this project firstly aims to promote greater social wellbeing, physical activity, and connection with nature for the younger generation.

The children not only learn more about pollinators but feel engaged and empowered to enact real-world changes to boost pollinator populations. During the project we will be making positive changes to areas of our school grounds, which will have a knock-on positive effect on children beyond the involved cohort for years to come.



The children enjoyed their first session with Marc Tench on Monday 24th May, although the weather wasn’t great to start with the sun did shine for a bit.